Roofing Company Serving Watsonville and Surrounding Areas – Pressure Washing on Roofs and Gutters

You may not realize it from day to day, but your roofs and siding can take quite a beating. Dirt, dust, slime, plant matter, moss, and other organic materials can build up layers on these surfaces, making them more prone to damage and at the very least, not very eye appealing. That’s why Kennedy Roofing offers pressure washing and treatment services to all home owners in Watsonville. Pressure washing not only keeps the exterior of your home clean, it offers it a fresh new look and can help to extend the life of your roof or siding. Contact us to learn more about our pressure washing service or to schedule a free estimate.

Roof Washing

You rarely see the top of your roof, but it can get up to some pretty icky things. Moss, pollen, and even residual smoke from your chimney can come to rest on your roof and create layers of dirt that can pose a threat to the integrity of your shingles. Kennedy Roofing offers the best wood shake cleaning in Watsonville. We first completely pressure wash your roof, and then apply an oil treatment to help protect it from any damage. We also pressure wash any other roofing types including wood shingle and composition roofs.

Wood Siding Washing

Kennedy Roofing also offers wood siding pressure washing. You may think that your wood siding is stained beyond hope, but give the professionals at Kennedy Roofing a try! We have a lot of experience with pressure washing wood siding and have seen much success with removing stains and other things that appeared to be beyond hope. It is a good idea to have your siding power washed between one and two times a year to keep it clean and fresh and also to prevent mold and mildew growth.


Oil Treatment

If you have a deck, patio, or other wood surface at your Watsonville residence, Kennedy Roofing also offers power washing for those services. Beyond that, we can provide you with an oil treatment designed to protect the surface. Power washing your deck or patio not only provides a clean look, but an oil treatment can also act as an extra shield that increases the life span of your wood. Contact Kennedy Roofing in Watsonville to learn more about our power washing and treatment services.

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